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Chef Jeffrey - Que Pasa

The Top Chef Aruba contestant of Que Pasa Restaurant, Bar & Art gallery is Jeffrey Wouters (24) who has been the chef of Que Pasa since 2021.

The Chef

Jeffrey was born in Gilze, a village in the south of the Netherlands. He received his culinary education in the Netherlands as well as Suriname. He worked the kitchens of Restaurant De Park in Rotterdam and Brasserie Bordeaux in Breda. In 2018 he did an internship at Aruba Wine and Dine, after which he moved to Suriname for additional cooking experience. At the end of 2019 he returned to Aruba and started as sous-chef at Hadicurari Restaurant. In 2020 he became sous-chef at Que Pasa and in the summer of 2021 he took the helm as chef of this great restaurant.

Chef’s philosophy

“I love using and playing with multiple colors and flavors. With preparing a meal, one should always aim for the ‘WOW’. A passion for cooking, excellent food with an excellent presentation, that’s how you achieve that ‘WOW’ effect.”

The Dish

Fisherman's Delight

Codfish on a bed of grilled oxheart cabbage and a cream of green peas served with a shallot mashed potato, Dutch shrimps, ‘kaantjes’ (ciccioli) and cream cheese.

Price: US$ 26.00 p/p Available: Que Pasa Restaurant

I love codfish, I always have. The peas with the fish make a nice palette of colors. And that’s how it starts. Combining tasty products and ingredients is like a painter working on his masterpiece.

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