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Chef Julian - Tango Argentine Grill

The Top Chef Aruba contestant of Tango Argentine Grill is Julian Moronta who has been the Grill Master-Chef of Tango for over 20 years.

The Chef

Though originally from the Dominican Republic, Moronta has spent the last 20 years becoming an Argentinian grill master. By now, cooking each marinated boneless rib-eye, porterhouse and tenderloin to the perfect rare, medium-rare, medium-well or well-done is instinctual. And while some chefs might be nervous to be on display in front of customers while grilling 15 steaks at once, he loves it.

Chef’s philosophy

“When you create a good experience, customers feel at home. Working in the front of the grill, I get to talk to everybody. And the best feeling is when people tell me it’s the best meat they’ve ever had in their life. That kind of thing makes me feel like I’m doing good work.”

The Dish

Fusion of Flavors

The wide array of flavors this dish brings to life is well represented in its colorful presentation. A tender, 4 oz filet mignon, marinated in fresh herbs and oil, charred on the charcoal grill. Sauteed spinach, carrot, black olives and Gouda are the key components to the filling of the pork. Served with sautéed zucchini, yellow squash, grilled asparagus and sweet mashed potato. Silky blended red pepper sauce decorates the plate, prepared to enhance the flavor of the stuffed pork and a velvety pepper cognac sauce to compliment the grilled tenderloin.

Price: US$ 26.00 + 15% service charge Available: Tango Argentine Grill

“Every day, it’s like when you start your engine. It starts with the same positive energy. I like what I do. I always have a smile for the guests. And when I ask how the food is and see their faces, I know I’m doing good.” ”

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Salma Perez
Salma Perez
Nov 15, 2021

El mejor Dios te dirijo tio


Nov 15, 2021

Julian moronta


Oct 18, 2020

Vamos con Dios de la mano. Si se puede! Eres el mejor. Bendiciones.

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