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Chef Nando - Hadicurari

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

The Top Chef Aruba contestant of Hadicurari is Nando Meijer (35) who has been the chef of Hadicurari since June 2017.

The Chef

Nando was born in Dordrecht, which is in the mid-west of the Netherlands. His youth was spent in the successful Spanish restaurant of his uncle and aunt. Nando's choice for his education was not a surprise for the family: he wanted to go into the hospitality industry. After graduating, he worked in the Netherlands and Austria until the age of 24. Departing the European region, he flew to Curaçao and joined the team at Mambo Beach, then relocated to Surinam and worked at Royal Torarica. In 2016, he came to Aruba and once again repeated the process at Hadicurari starting as sous chef and took the helm in 2017.

Chef’s philosophy

“My favorite style of cuisine starts with the classic basics but used in innovative and daring combinations.”

The Dish

Barracuda & Lobster

Locally caught barracuda, a combination of lobster tortellini and mussel-parsley tortellini with a curry foam, braised spinach, pumpkin mousseline and pickled pumpkin.

Price: Afl. 29,50 ($17 USD) + 15% service charge Available only at: Hadicurari Restaurant

This dish is a mix and match of triggers. You will taste world-cuisine with, for example, a unique Eastern sauce and European sweet-sour pumpkin mousseline.

Vote for Chef Nando and have a chance to win a private VIP dinner for 4 people along with Chef Nando himself! This dinner is valued at $1,000 (a private, dedicated 4-course dinner including a wine pairing).

The Drinks

Beringer Chardonnay Available: November 1-30 at Hadicurari

The creamy rich flavors are expertly matched with the creamy texture of the Chardonnay.

Price with the Chef's special: Afl. 8,75 ($5.00) per glass

Main & Vine

Beringer is California's oldest continually operating winery. The wines choices for this competition are moscato, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, merlot, white zinfandel and cabernet sauvignon.

Balashi & Chill Beer Balashi or Chill (bottle) with the Chef's Special:

Afl. 5,00 ($3.00) per bottle

Balashi Brewery Founded in 1998, 'Brouwerij Nacional Balashi' in Aruba is a full-scale production brewery, one of the most modern breweries in the Caribbean. For years the brewery only produced its flagship brand named after this area and the brewery, Balashi.

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