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Proud & Partner

Pepia Est

The people at Pepia Est have a great nose, taste and passion for premium wines, spirits, mixers, and beer. Always pursuing ways to offer you the best value. It is their mission is to bring the finest quality products to Aruba and offer it at the highest level of service.


Pepia Est is proud sponsor of the Top Chef Aruba challenge and has put together a fantastic selection of wines that pairs very well with the chef’s dishes.


Chefs Works & ASD

ASD is the most complete Hospitality supply store in the Caribbean. They continue to improve the quality and speed of service. As a local company ASD believes in investing in Aruba’s future.

The chefs in the Top Chef Aruba competition are dressed in a chef jacket by the ChefWorks brand. They are comfortable, versatile and stylish. To learn more about ChefWorks products, please contact ASD.

Aruba Wine and Dine

Top Chef Aruba is an initiative of Aruba Wine and Dine. When you believe that “Variety is the Spice of Life”, then Aruba Wine and Dine is where you ought to be! From cheeseburgers on the beach to international cuisine and fine dining and everything in between: you can eat and drink at Aruba’s most popular restaurants and bars. To learn more about the restaurants, specials and the people, visit

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