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Chef Gèrman - Dragonfly

The Top Chef Aruba contestant of Dragonfly is Chef Gèrman Moncada (32).

The Chef

Gèrman was born in Bogota, Colombia. He always had an interest in the culinary world, but it wasn’t until 2015 when he was doing an internship at a Japanese restaurant, that he saw the beauty and mysteries of the sushi world. Ever since he has been working in Asian cuisines. When he arrived in Aruba in 2018, he started to work at Dragonfly Sushi & Asian Restaurant, at that time located in Palm Beach. That’s where he got the opportunity to learn about the unique flavors and techniques that make the Dragonfly sushi stand out from any other on this island.

Chef’s Philosophy

"Fresh ingredients are essential for a proper sushi experience. That is why I love introducing new and different ingredients to the world of sushi, although always respectful toward the Japanese traditions and techniques."


The Dish

Sushi Trio Platter

Experience this fusion of sushi traditional and contemporary Asian cuisine. This exclusive sushi platter consists of a rice-paper sushi roll with salmon, avocado and cream cheese (Alaska Spring). Also served on this platter are bum bum shrimps: three panko shrimps served with a bum bum salad: crab, wakame, mango and spicy mayonnaise. The platter is completed by a Japanese salad made of cucumber, carrots, kani (crab), edamame and a traditional Japanese dressing.

Price: US$ 26.00 Available: Dragonfly at Que Pasa Restaurant (for the dine-in experience and take-out)

"Experience this fusion of sushi traditional and contemporary Asian cuisine."

Vote for Chef German and have a chance to win a private VIP dinner for 4 people along with Chef German himself! This dinner is valued at $1,000 (a private, dedicated dinner including a wine pairing).


1 commentaire

05 nov. 2020

Delicious sushi .. it was the bomb our family enjoy it we goth 3 boat.... love it

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