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Chef Rodrigo - Willem's Dutch Pancakes

The Top Chef Aruba contestant of Willem's Dutch Pancakes is Rodrigo Cespedes (34) who has been the chef of Willem's Dutch Pancakes since this year.

The Chef

Rodrigo was born 34 years ago in Rawson, Argentina. As a kid, he was the helping hand in his grandmother’s kitchen and that’s where he fell in love with food and cooking. He moved to Aruba in 2014 and worked his way up the ladder. He first started as a cook helper in the kitchen of Salt & Pepper, moved up to cook and was promoted to the chef at Willem’s Dutch Pancakes earlier this year.

Chef’s Philosophy

“Like with music, you must feel the mood to create something special. Use quality meat, minimal herms to distract the original flavors. Fusing cuisine is fun and delivers creative combination.”

The Dish

Tropical Life

Straight from the Caribbean waters, mahi-mahi – lightly marinated with citrus rum, local fresh herbs and spices – served with rolls of sushi-rice, tropical mango, creamy pineapple and a passion fruit puree. Garnished with Aruba’s local fruit ‘kinepa’.

Price: US$ 26.00 p/p Available only at: Willem's Dutch Pancakes

“I had the idea of using tropical products and even more specific, products from Aruba like the Aruba grape (kinepa). Enjoy this well-balanced plate and you will notice how the saltiness, sweetness and creaminess, bring a perfect balance of flavors.”

Vote for Chef Rodrigo and have a chance to win a private VIP dinner along with Chef Rodrigo himself! This dinner is valued at $1,000 (a private, dedicated 4-course dinner including a wine pairing).


Nov 17, 2021

Ay que ricooo!


Nov 17, 2021

The best!!

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